Golden Isles Arts & Humanities


Brunswick, Georgia

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React / Gatsby JS

About Golden Isles Arts & Humanities

Golden Isles Arts & Humanities came to Nautilus Designs with a very outdated website. No SSL, and the nearly non-responsive website was barely functioning on an outdated WordPress theme that the staff (who was soley responsible for maintaining), didn't really know how to use or update.

Listening to the concerns, Nautilus Designs rebuilt the website from the ground up, in a brand new format using React / Gatsby JS. A custom CMS (content mangement system) was developed so that the staff could easily update the home page which was updaed on a weekly, if not daily basis.

The website scores a perfect 100/100 on Google's PageSpeed Insights

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The Mission

At Nautilus Designs, we believe you should put your best foot forward online. That comes from a great design, amazing usability and a solid website build that makes users and Google happy.

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